Minimal WordPress
Effortless WordPress Development

Minimal WordPress?

Yup, that’s what this site is all about!

mnmlWP (“minimal WordPress”) is a free, lightweight, and easy to use WordPress theme. The mnmlWP theme is trying to make the development of WordPress based websites simple, efficient, and fun!

WordPress Approved

The mnmlWP theme has been approved by WordPress and is part of the official WordPress theme catalog. It complies with the recommended best practices of the WordPress Codex.


The mnmlWP theme is available for free. Yup, you’re welcome.


The mnmlWP theme generates very little overhead. Websites built with mnmlWP are fast and efficient.


The mnmlWP theme design is 100% responsive. No matter what device, the layout will neatly adapt to the available screen sizes.


The mnmlWP theme uses the internal WP customizer and allows you to configure your theme’s look and feel according to your individual needs.


The mnmlWP theme is ready for internationalization and includes English and German (formal and informal) language files for both frontend and backend by default.